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How breastfeeding keeps your baby healthy

July 09, 2018 2 min read

Many studies over the years have shown that children that are breastfeed tend to be way more healthy and have less diseases in later years of their lives compared to children that were not breastfeed.

It has also been found out that breastfeeding benefits the mother as well due to the antibodies that are found within the mother’s milk that help to immune the body against diseases.Breastfeeding also established an extremely important bond between mother and child,that is crucial to the baby’s well being as well as to feel safe in its mother's arms.

If you are unable to breastfeed you your baby is having trouble latching,no need to worry!Stay calm and approach the situation with a relaxed and calm mindset.Worrying and stress will affect the baby’s mood and will only cause more problems.Consult your doctor or pediatrician to get more help for other options.

If the seventh months has passed and you are trying to introduce your child to solid food,then do so in small quantities and continue to breastfeed!Slowly replace a feeding with solid food and do so little by little to help the baby to get a better understanding for the solid food.

Lastly,make sure you maintain a healthy diet even after birth.It has been known that baby’s who are breast fed rarely experience trouble with being overweight later on in their life.When the baby is breastfeed it can decide on its own how much it wants to drink to feel fully satisfied.This creates a different type of satisfactory feeling in children that are bottle fed with formula.

Although some mother’s are unable to breastfeeding,or simply choose not to,your baby really benefits from breastfeeding not only while it is an infant but in it’s later years if his/her life.

If this is not an option available to you.Please ONLY go with ORGANIC PREMIUM Subsidides from REAL ORGANIC BRANDS likeHipp,HolleandLebenswert.

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