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How poor nutrition for baby's set them up for all kinds of diseases in the future:

A healthy diet is key to a healthy life...It really is as simple as that! Creating healthy eating habits from early on with your child lets your child stay healthy and disease free in the future.

Almost all of our daily grocery products include sugar. Sugar, sugar, sugar, it’s everywhere! Sugar is not only found in candy or in sweets, but is also found in bread, cereals, ketchup, pre-made meals, and many other foods. Humans are used to the taste of sugar in almost all products. Now when some people taste raw and natural vegetables or fruits, they tend to not like it because the industrialized sugar is not included.

Sugar problems can already arise in the early stages of a baby’s diet. Baby formula is known to have a very large amount of sugar in them, some companies were found to have up to 25% sugar while specialists and doctors for formula only recommend a maximum of 10% sugar.

Too much sugar consumption, especially in the first years of a child, can lead to numerous diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease that can lead to fatal outcomes.

When Formula Feeding please choose your options carefully. 

We recommend the following ORGANIC BRANDS:




In order to avoid future problems and diseases, it is important to develop a healthy diet for your baby from early on. Focus on fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. Read labels and research about which brands really care about their products, especially when it comes to baby formula.

Baby food can be prepared at home with fresh vegetables and all kinds of fresh ingredients. Make sure you are not using added sugar or salt. Experiment with new vegetables every few days to ensure your baby does not have allergies.

Once they have tried a few different vegetables and fruits separately, you can make mixtures! For example, mash up some potatoes with cooked carrots; feed your baby something that is going to fill them up and provide good vitamins and minerals to the body.

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