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Baby's First Halloween

Halloween is such a fun and exciting time! With a little preparation and some forethought, your baby’s first Halloween can be a treat and not tricky at all.

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Baby's First Halloween Costume

Adorable babies in Halloween costumes are the only thing we can think of that are sweeter than candy corn! The cutest infant and baby Halloween costumes run the gamut from characters and everyday objects to family Halloween themes, and everything in between.

As you carefully curated baby's first Halloween costume from head to toe you might be considering using Halloween make-up.

Families often think that wearing makeup is safer for your baby than a mask with good reason; masks can inhibit a young child's breathing and vision.

However, there are safety issues parents and caregivers have to consider when deciding if you should use Halloween make-up on your baby. At the top of the list is the dangerous metals, such as lead and nickel that can be found in some Halloween makeup that is sold in the US during the holiday.

Currently, the FDA does not require cosmetic companies to list all of the harmful ingredients found in their products on packaging, which can make it difficult for parents to know whether or not the products they choose are safe for their children.

Even those products labeled hypoallergenic and safe for children may contain dangerous metals. With all of this in mind we strongly encourage families to reconsider using Halloween makeup on babies and young children.

Avoiding heavy metals on the outside of babies skin is just as important to your little one’s health and development as avoiding heavy metals in your baby's nutrition.

First Halloween Costume

Planning your baby’s first Halloween costume can bring a smile to any parent or caregiver. A good place to start when choosing the perfect costume for your little pumpkin is your baby's comfort. There are many super cute options that are also low-key which make it as easy as possible to get on and off as possible. After all, diaper issues can happen at a moment’s notice.

Next, consider the environment. For outside events it is wise to remember seasonal temperatures may be warmer in the day and drastically drop as the sun goes down. Layers are always a great option. Make sure the costume is warm enough for chilly winds and consider packing a blanket, jacket, or sweatshirt so you are prepared for all climate changes.

For indoor events, fuzzy lined costumes with warm clothes underneath might not be the best choice. A lighter one piece costume and a themed blanket will help keep the holiday spirit and your little one comfortable.

Veteran parent tip: Keep an extra themed outfit or pajamas in your diaper bag for your Halloween night festivities. Simple but cute patterns such as my first Halloween onesies are easily found and are real life savers if the baby has a diaper blow-out.


Now that your baby’s first Halloween outfit is all picked out and picture perfect it is time to make memories. Fall carnivals, harvest festivals, and pumpkin patches, but what about trick-or-treating?

For babies, Halloween candy may be a tasty treat, but for proper growth and development it is important to pass on any sugars removed from their original source and added to other foods.

Chocolate and other sweet treats are not only full of empty calories that will fill an infant up without giving them the nutrients they need to grow, but can cause health problems that will follow them all through life.

Sugary snacks introduced to your baby this early in development can also influence the foods they will enjoy later in life. Added sugars in Halloween candy can encourage bad eating habits and damage newly emerging teeth.

My First Halloween Outfit Pictures

Halloween unleashes creativity in everyone. It’s the perfect time of year for photographers – amateurs and professionals alike. Here are some quick tips to help you grab those spooky and not so spooky moments.

Shoot Early

Every cute little pumpkin needs time to wake up from a nap and a little bit of light to brighten those chubby little cheeks.

By choosing the early hours to take photographs you will benefit in two ways, getting your shots in before dark and catching your little one before the witching hour hits.

Try timing your little one’s photo shoot around the golden hour (the time of day when the sun’s light is warm and diffuses evenly across the world and sky.) Your photos will have a special fall glow that lights up your baby's smile in a dramatic way.

Candid Camera

Often the photos that bring us back to our favorite moments are those that we are able to catch in the moment. Look for the moments that tell stories and focus on spontaneity rather than technique.

First Halloween

It is easy to get caught up trying to make your baby's first Halloween special. No matter how you choose to celebrate this Halloween season, take time to just enjoy and be present.

For this special day and all your little one’s first years My Organic Company is here for your family. We only deliver pure, clean, organic nutrition to support all of the important firsts and beyond.

We look forward to helping you choose the European baby formula that has the perfect balance of nutrition and digestive support to meet your family’s needs.

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