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Bottle vs. Breast

It is said everywhere, breastmilk is best. Breast Milk has the best nutrients for your baby and everyone knows it. Mothers shared their thoughts on breastfeeding and almost every mother said that breastfeeding is the most beautiful and strongest bond there is between mother and child.

Yet again, it is beautiful when it works without problems and stress. But this process can take a long time for some mothers to achieve, especially for new mothers to be. For some breastfeeding is an absolute nightmare. Extreme breast pain, bloody nipples that make you clench your teeth every time your baby latches on. And then, finally after a few weeks when your wounds healed, you somehow get the hang of it and it works.

As the weeks go by and you get more and more familiar with the breastfeeding process, you realize that it’s the easiest thing. Milk is always available for your child. No need to run to the kitchen at 3 AM when your baby starts crying, heat up water and look for the bottle. You can lay down and just hold the baby in your arms while it calmly drinks, you probably will even fall asleep during the feeding.

On the other hand, there are mother’s that simply make the decision to not breastfeed and chose the path of bottle feeding formula. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves of what is best for them and their baby.Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Many worry that their child will not get the right or enough nutrients from milk formula from the store, but this is not! Formula mimics breast milk very closely and still gives the baby important nutrients and vitamins that it needs to grow strong and healthy. 

Therefore, deciding to feed with a bottle is perfectly suitable for your baby as well. It is just a question of what path you want to chose.


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