How to Dress a Newborn in Summer

July 23, 2021

How to Dress a Newborn in Summer

The summer months are here. Time for vacations and outdoor adventures, while enjoying a fresh bottle of Organic European Baby Formula. This means a change in temperature and a change in wardrobe for you and baby.


Finding the best way to dress a baby during this season can be tricky, especially when taking into account safety, comfort, and everyday practicality.

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How to Dress a Newborn Baby

How to Dress a Newborn in Spring

In the transition time between the coldest months and the hottest months of the year, dressing in layers will be incredibly helpful. Heat is trapped between layers but top layers can easily be shed to make your baby more comfortable.

Best Baby Onesies

During Spring the day to day weather will vary, so a sweater and a hat for the unpredictable temperature can be especially helpful. Place them over a cotton onesie and a light pair of cotton pants and you and baby are ready for a day of fun outdoors.

How Many Clothes Does Baby Need

Moving into June and July, most areas will be hot and your baby will be more comfortable in one layer or with a light layering blanket. If you dress your baby for a hot day and it gets chillier at night, you can always wrap the baby up in a breathable muslin.

How to Dress a Newborn in August

For this late summer month we suggest buying breathable loose materials. Of course, if you’re in the northern US states into Canada this is not as important, but for many states with hot climates, the more breathable the material is, the better.

Baby’s First Outfit: Summer Recommendation

For the warmest climates, especially if you are spending a great deal of time in hot temperatures, keeping your newborn in diaper only and swaddled in a very light muslin blanket is a great alternative to fully dressing a newborn.


Light muslin can be used to swaddle a baby's arms, only leaving the rest of the body out. If you and baby are in a place without air conditioning this will keep the baby feeling secure without worries of startle reflex.

How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need

In the hottest months being outside means that less is more. Breathable, washable, and comfortable are the most important qualities to look for in a baby's summer wardrobe.


Your newborn will spend most of the time eating and sleeping, so finding outfits that are good for both sleep and play will be a real game changer.

How to Dress Baby for Sleep

Choosing what baby will wear to bed in the summer months can change depending on the availability of air conditioning; if your little one is sleeping indoors or if they are napping outdoors they will need different outfits.

Dressing Baby for Sleep

The most important rule for dressing a baby for sleep is - DO NOT be tempted to overdress your baby. Overheating at night can be especially dangerous to newborns as it has been linked to SIDS.


Cool fingers and toes don’t convey an accurate gauge of a baby’s body temperature. Checking the back of the neck or the tummy is the best indicator. Skin should be cool and dry to the touch; if the neck or tummy is hot or sticky, your baby is too warm.

What Should a Newborn Wear to Sleep

New to the world babies are unable to regulate their own temperature very easily. In houses cooled by a/c., babies do well wearing light layers that cover.


If your little one is outside for a nap during summer, a light muslin wrap and diaper may be the best answer.

Infant Sleep Sack

Natural materials such as cotton that are lightweight and breathable are perfect for indoors. A short sleeve onesie with a long-sleeve infant sleep sac is a good option to keep baby comfortable and safe from suffocation.


If you are still swaddling, you may want to use a cotton swaddle or muslin blanket with an onesie underneath.

Sleeping Onesie

If it is particularly warm or your house does not have air conditioning, a short sleeve onesie should be just fine. If your baby has a huge startle reflex, using a swaddle just on the arms comes in handy.

Baby Sleeper Gowns

For houses or areas of the country that are more temperate, an infant sleeping gown is a good choice. These are usually made with soft breathable bamboo or cotton and can be tied at the end to give the baby the swaddling effect.


Infant gowns are also perfect for fast access to the multitude of diaper changes that happen in a newborn's day and night.

How to Dress Baby for Sleep in 70 Degree Room

If the thermostat in your baby's room is showing 70 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no need to overdress your baby.


Neither too hot nor too cold, dressing a newborn in an onesie, long sleeve pajamas, and a muslin wrap or infant sleep sack will be just right.

Newborn Summer Clothes

At the beginning of the summer month what your little one will be comfortable and cool in can be drastically different from the middle of the hot summer months.


Taking time to reevaluate what is most comfortable will keep the baby happy and safe in this weather. Just follow your infant's cues, and adjust accordingly.


As with anything, new seasons and stages have an adjustment period. Just be patient and in no time you will be able to decide what clothes your baby feels the best in.

Dressing a Newborn

Summer vacations, travel, and babies all go hand in hand! Take this time to enjoy the great outdoors, just remember to pack the sunscreen, which is the most important part of your infant's summer wardrobe.


My Organic Company is so happy to be on this adventure with you. Our European baby formulas are easily stored and even easier on babies' tummies.

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