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Why do Babies Look up at the Ceiling and Smile?

Babies go through major periods of cognitive and developmental growth within their first few months of life. They became increasingly aware and curious about the world around them. During this time it is very important to make sure your little one gets the best nutrition possible from the best formula available. 

Everything is new to them, and staring can be an early form of communication between them and the new world around them.

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Why Do Babies Stare at Me

The sweet moment when you and your baby's eyes meet for the first time is a memory many parents and caregivers will remember forever.

This heartwarming interaction is not just how your baby learns to recognize you; it helps your baby in so many ways.

Through the act of eye contact your baby starts to gather information, relates voices to faces, and begins to gradually comprehend the environment around them.

What Does It Mean When a Baby Stares at You

Making eye contact with your little one is not only good for face recognition, but it also synchronizes your brainwaves with your baby and helps to set their learning and communication skills in motion.

Babies stare at you to make a connection that strengthens cognitive and physical bonds.

Baby Gaze

In the first 3 months of life, an infant's brain will grow by 64%, wow! This means your baby is making many new eye connections, taking in the environment, and understanding many new things.

All of this can be very overwhelming and over stimulating for littles that have just spent 9 months in a dark quiet womb. At some point your baby will look for a way to process all that they take in and that is when you may find your baby staring into space.

Why Do Babies Stare at the Ceiling and Smile

When babies stare at the ceiling, lights, or a fan it helps to remember that babies are brand new to this world and each new sight or movement is new and interesting.

An infant’s brain is developing, absorbing, and processing their new surroundings and all of this is happening while their eyes are getting used to our world, and their vision is developing focus.

Remember all of this is true while your baby is becoming accustomed to visual and audio cues that represent safety, nourishment, and a smiling face.

So, while your little one may simply be distracted, staring at the ceiling can also be a way for your little one to take a break from the stimulus around.

Babies and Ceiling Fans

It seems like babies and ceiling fans go hand in hand. Since babies are often on their backs, fixing their eyes straight ahead to check out the fan, the ceiling texture, or some lights is all normal and completely fascinating to them. Many caregivers say that their baby loves ceiling fans.

Will Ceiling Fan Make Newborn Sick

Staring at the ceiling can be normal for a baby after about 12 to 16 weeks. Although, if you are unable to attract the infant's attention away from the ceiling even for a short amount of time, there may be cause for concern.

A consultation with your pediatrician would not hurt and may even be necessary if you couple that with very little eye contact by this age or older.

Baby Stares at Light

You probably see your baby staring at all kinds of things while lying on their backs or in their car seats. At some point it is completely normal to worry that staring at a lightbulb could somehow cause vision damage.

No worries, your baby has probably picked the lights because his or her long-range eyesight is still developing, and the lights provide wonderful contrast between bright and dark.

Why Do Babies Stare at Corners

It may be a little unsettling when a baby stares at one corner of your room all the time. Do not worry, this is completely normal and in fact, it's a sign their brain is developing well and learning to focus on their ever-changing eyesight range.

Baby Ceiling Fan Smiles and Other Milestones

As your baby goes through these major periods of cognitive and developmental growth it is extremely important that they get pure, clean organic nutrition to support their fast-changing brains and bodies.

My Organic Company has the European baby formula to meet every age, stage, and developmental need. We carry the best in toxin-free nutrition, without GMOs or non-lactose sugars to feed your little one’s mind and body.

Please reach out to our panel of European baby formula experts for more information on how to choose the perfect brand for your infant.

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