Baby Bottle Nippled Clogged?: Using the Right Bottle Nipple

November 06, 2017

Baby Bottle Nippled Clogged?: Using the Right Bottle Nipple

When it comes to feeding using a bottle, there is no specific bottle which helps you to reduce clogging, as in the current industry they are only two types of neck bottles attachments.

  • Porridge nipples
  • Milk nipples.

You can try to reduce clogging by increasing the holes of the nipples using a pair of scissors by cutting the nipples longitudinally. For grown-up babies, who can swallow large amounts, you can remove the nipples.

One of the most significant problems I have is my child keeps waking me up late at night. Can I prepare my formula just before I go to sleep or do I need to make a new formula each time he wakes up?
When it comes to feeding our babies, we should feed them only freshly prepared meal. However, sometimes during the night, the baby may wake up and want to be feed. To avoid losing your sleep and waking up your family members or friends, it is best you prepare formula even before you go to sleep. You can make your formula and place it in the refrigerator. So when the baby wakes up, you only have to warm it up to drinking temperatures.

Does adding vegetable oil have any additional nutritional value to baby porridge?
Providing your baby with vegetable, potato, and meat is excellent. However, the bad news is that these products are nearly fat-free. Providing your kid with soluble fats is essentials as it allows for your kid with that necessary and additional energy needed for your proper baby health. Adding vegetable oil provides essential soluble fatty acids. At My Organic Company we recommend the use of Holle’s Organic Weaning Oil. Also, you could also use rape or sunflower oil.
Proper Dosage ( 200g of cereal Meal)

  • Two tsp of vegetable oil for vegetable or meat meal
  • 1 tsp of vegetable oil for fruit or cereal meal