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Kendamil VS HiPP:

The Ultimate Parent's Guide

As more parents resolve to walk away from unhealthy ingredients, muddy regulations, and questionable sourcing practices used by American baby formula companies, European baby formula brands have come to the forefront as the breast milk alternative of choice.

European brands Kendamil and HiPP are two of the top brands of European baby formulas. Within each of these brands you will find unique properties to support growth and development.

In this article we will take a look at the ingredients that sets each of these European baby formula companies apart from other brands and see how they compare with each other.

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Kendamil VS HiPP

As we compare these two baby formula brands, the best way to start with is what they have in common.

European Commission

The European Commission is the certifying body that sets requirements for nutritional composition, food safety, and the labeling for European baby formula. This governing agency is responsible for providing guidelines, recommendations, and makes approvals for inclusions and exclusions used in all European baby formulas.

Under a system of check and balances, the European Commission ensures every step of the manufacturing process from soil to packaging is contamination free and adheres to strict guidelines.

Both Kendamil and HiPP go above and beyond the aforementioned regulations, always putting infants first when sourcing and producing baby nutrition.

Mimics Breast Milk

Kendamil and HiPP exceed standards to provide essential nutrition and immunity-boosting properties of breast milk, while adhering to strict European infant nutrition regulations.

These companies will always use organic milk-based lactose as the primary carbohydrate. You will never see corn syrup, table sugar, or other sugar derivatives that can be detrimental to your infant's health listed in the ingredients.

Organic ingredients mean that these companies care about your child and the environment in which they are sourced. Vegetable oil as organic rapeseed/canola, palm, sunflower, and/or coconut oils are used to mimic the complex blend of fatty acids in breast milk.

The whey ratios are highlighted in each of these brands as carefully used so that the ratios are similar to proportions of whey and casein found in breast milk. To round the nutrition out, organic long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids like DHA and ARA are components found in breastmilk, and these same properties are repeated in Kendamil and HiPP formulas.

History of Trusted Baby Nutrition

Founded for families, by families. Kendamil and HiPP have over a century of combined experience in infant nutrition.


Kendamil is one of the most trusted baby formula companies in Europe, founded in 1962 this company's commitment to gold standard nutrition starts with whole milk fresh dairy from family farms in the U.K.

Kendamil ensures the best organic quality by dealing directly with the farmers that supply organic whole cow’s milk and red tractor certified goat’s milk formula. These prized ingredients are pasteurized right there at their factory - turning it into powder instead of having another company process the milk.


From day one HiPP was founded on family principles, founded in 1899 by Joseph HiPP, when his wife, Maria Oster, had trouble nursing one of their seven children.

HiPP European baby formula has since become one of the most popular and diverse baby nutrition brands in Europe. Currently HiPP is headquartered in Germany, with additional manufacturers in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

HiPP sources all their organic ingredients from 6,000 contracted family owned and operated farmers, which are involved in the production of organic fruit, organic vegetables, and organic milk.

HiPP brand is known for ecological, economical, and social sustainability. “The best of nature. The best for nature,” is the standard by which the growth of the company is constantly being measured.

European Baby Formula: Standards

Kendamil and HiPP 100% organic and high quality non-organic baby formulas are making waves in the United States. This is in large part due to the special nutrition that is not loaded with dangerous and unhealthy ingredients, like those that you may find in over-the-counter baby formulas.

Let's take a look at the practices and ingredients that make each one of these brands unique.

Kendamil Baby Formula

For over 58 years Kendamil has produced world class infant nutrition to support healthy growth and development of babies. As a leader in organic farming and manufacturer, Kendamil has earned a reputation for being the gold standard in infant nutrition.

Kendamil uses only whole milk from family owned and operated farms that have been mindfully, ecologically, and sustainably sourced. Like all European baby formulas, Kendamil will never contain GMOs, soy, non-lactose sugars, chemicals, hormones, steroids, or heavy metals.


All baby formulas need carbohydrates in the form of sugar in order to mimic the nutritive value of breast milk. Mature breast milk has one-third of the calories from sugar in the form of lactose.

As such, the main carbohydrates in Kendamil baby formulas is 30% lactose with no other sugars added. Kendamil whole milk lactose is perfect for the sustained energy needed for healthy growth and development.


All infants need protein to build cells and tissues. To closely mimic the protein composition of breast milk Kendamil uses both whey and casein.

Putting deliberate thought into the ever changing needs of little ones, just as breastmilk changes with baby, so do the stages of Kendamil baby formulas. Although the overall protein stays the same, the whey, which is more filling, changes to ready baby for solid food weaning.

Stage 1: Whey to casein ratio 60:40

Stage 2: Whey to casein ratio 40:60

Vegetarian Fats and Oils

Kendamil takes great pride in offering nutrition that is accessible to most infants while being ecological and sustainable.

Kendamil has no fish oil which makes it not only vegetarian friendly, but makes it an easy choice for parents who prefer to do without palm oil in the list of ingredients.

The benefits of whole milk make it possible to leave out almost all vegetable oils and have the extra feature of Milk Fat Globule Membrane as found in breast milk. MFGM has been shown to have a positive impact on the cognitive and reasoning development in infants.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Following strict British Soil Association regulation, Kendamil does not contain any probiotic, but uses naturally sourced prebiotics. This ensures organic nutrition remains while supporting the healthy occurring gut microbiomes that aid in digestion and absorption.

Vegetarian DHA

Kendamil’s commitment to sustainability and accessibility shows in every part of the baby formula. Wanting to find another option other than fish oil for its baby formulas, Kendamil looked to wet biomasses for rich DHA algae oil.


Kendamil has the unique distinction of being the first ever organic formula in the world to have the verified presence of naturally occurring Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs).

This complex carbohydrate that exists in human breast milk has major benefits, including natural immunity abilities and cognitive and developmental properties that are not seen in any other baby formula ingredient.

Kendamil: Whole Milk Baby Formula

Kendamil uses only full cream cow and goat milk to make their baby formulas richer in healthy fats and vitamins. Taking great pride in every detail of animal raising down to selecting the very best breeds, Kendamil animals are grazed outdoors in organically tended pastures.

All Kendamil animals are provided a stress-free environment and a healthy diet. As we know, happy animals give better tasting milk!

Cow Milk Based Baby Formula

Kendamil cow’s milk comes mostly from English Jersey cows. The cows are renowned for A2 milk, with the highest percentage of milk fat in the world. Jersey cow milk contains more protein, calcium, and butterfat than other cow breeds.

To make sure Kendamil infant formulas are pure and ready for your infant, Kendamil’s cows are never treated with growth hormones or daily antibiotics, and they only graze on pesticide and chemical free pastures.

Kendamil Organic | My Organic Company

Kendamil Organic Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 800g / 28.22oz

Goat Milk Based Baby Formula

Kendamil goat milk is the perfect alternative option to their cow milk formulas. The naturally occurring oligosaccharides found in Kendamil’s goat milk formula allows for natural prebiotics and anti-infection properties.

Goat's milk is known to be easier on digestion, as it creates a softer looser curd which makes it an excellent choice for babies with digestion issues or that have a lactose intolerance.

All goat's milk is considered A2 milk. For sensitive babies, A2 milk naturally omits the histidine at position 67, which is found in most cow’s milk. With this simple change, your baby's formula is easier to absorb and digest.

Kendamil Goat | My Organic Company

Kendamil Goat Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 800g / 28.22oz

Kendamil Organic Baby Formula: Gold Standard

Kendamil not only has one of the most scientifically advanced organic formulas to date, but also the most natural.

For the first time ever, Kendamil gives parents the option of a vegetarian formula that mimics breast milk as closely as possible with organic HMOs and pure clean ingredients. No wonder Kendamil is the choice of the British royal family.


✓ HMOs

✓ Whole milk formulas

✓ Vegetarian

✓ No palm oil

✓ EU certified

✓ No unwanted ingredients

✓ Natural prebiotics


❌ No probiotics

❌ Not easily found over-the-counter

❌ Higher price point

HiPP Baby Formula

A pioneer in organic farming and manufacturing, HiPP has gone above and beyond the standard of European baby formula.

Starting with soil preparation, to animal husbandry, ingredient selection, and following all the way to production, HiPP’s closely monitored process of transforming grass-fed animal milks to organic baby formulas is truly revolutionary.


As the main source of energy in infants, HiPP knows it is important that lactose is the only available sugar ingredient. Used for mental health and physical digestion, plus as an aid in calcium absorption, pure organic animal milk lactose is the perfect breast milk substitute.


HiPP baby formulas use whey protein that has a similar protein ratio as possible to breast milk. This important source of energy is being used to make new cells organelles, for your baby's growth and development, but it also helps to protect your baby from illness. HiPP protein composition ratio is 40:60 in most baby formulas.

HiPP uses a reduced protein content in line with the latest studies that have shown that a high protein intake in infants increases the risk of obesity later in life. That is why experts recommend that any amount of breastfeeding is beneficial and reducing the protein content of first infant formulas is the best for babies today and in the future.

The protein for little ones with sensitive tummies have 100% whey protein that is hydrolyzed to make it easy for immature systems to digest and absorb.

Fats and Oils

HiPP is committed to bringing your infant nutrition as close to breast milk as possible. One way the company is doing that is with carefully selected good fats such as palm oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil.

These are organically sourced and biodiverse oils that provide necessary fat for brain development as well as other growth-based milestones.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in a baby’s digestive system. HiPP milk formulas contain the natural probiotic L. fermentum hereditum that was originally isolated from human milk.

The prebiotics used by HiPP are galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) that are obtained from lactose and are a natural component of breast milk oligosaccharides. These beneficial components feed the beneficial bacteria.


Along with the organic vegetable oils used in HiPP, you also find long chain (LCP) polyunsaturated from fish oils. The use of fish oils provides one of the best known sources of Omega 3 (DHA) and Omega 6 (ARA) for your baby's brain, immunity, and vision development.

HiPP Baby Formula: Diversity

Each baby is unique and so is their nutritional needs and digestive support requirements. HiPP has the biggest diversity of any European baby formula brand to meet the complex needs of infants.

During their most fundamental period of growth, nutrition is key to supporting their healthy mind and growing bodies. With a wide selection of different organic formulas, HiPP is able to support infants through all their stages of development.

HiPP Combiotic

HiPP Bio Combiotik comes close to breast milk with the use of prebiotics and probiotics similar to what is found in breast milk.

HiPP Dutch and HiPP German are combiotic formulas that have prebiotics and probiotics with skim milk nutrition and the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, and lactose based carbohydrates. HiPP UK varies from the other combiotic versions as it only has prebiotics and no probiotics, in accordance to UK regulations.

HiPP Dutch | My Organic Company

HiPP Dutch Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 800g / 28.22oz

HiPP Hypoallergenic Baby Formula: Digestive Support

HiPP Comfort, HiPP HA, and HiPP Anti-Reflux are specialized nutrition to meet the specific digestive needs of little ones that need extra support.

HiPP Comfort

HiPP Comfort is an infant formula adapted to the nutritional needs of infants suffering from flatulence, colic, or constipation. With its hydrolyzed proteins, HIPP Comfort softens the stool and positively soothes digestion.


HiPP HA is a hypoallergenic formula which is suitable for babies with milk protein allergy. The protein formula used in HiPP is completely hydrolyzed and is proven by scientific studies to prevent allergies.

HiPP Anti-Reflux

HiPP Anti-Reflux is organic specialty nutrition that helps with increased belching, spitting up, and esophageal reflux. It contains locust bean gum which is a valuable, natural dietary fiber and helps to organically thicken this formula.

HiPP Special Comfort | My Organic Company

HiPP Special Comfort

Age: 0+ months

Size: 500g / 17.6oz

HiPP HA | My Organic Company

HiPP HA Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 600g / 21oz

HiPP Organic Baby Formula: Optimal Nutrition

When it comes to meeting the specific needs of your infant, HiPP infant formula provides only the best ingredients to ensure that your little one meets and even exceeds developmental milestones and cognitive growth.

With a wide variety of options for digestive support, HiPP baby formulas are considered among the very best that European baby formulas have to offer.


✓ Digestive support formulas

✓ Natural prebiotics and probiotics

✓ Omega 3 and Omega 6

✓ Lower protein

✓ EU certified

✓ No unwanted ingredients

✓ Affordable nutrition


❌ Contains palm oil

❌ Not easily found over-the-counter

❌ Starch in some varieties

Comparing Kendamil VS HiPP

Finding the best breast milk supplement or breast milk alternative for your little one begins with the most desirable ingredients. European baby formula brands Kendamil and HiPP are at the very top of the list with parents and caregivers when it comes to pure, clean, and organic nutrition.

Each of these brands have the unique properties and ingredients that ensure your family will be able to find the European baby formula that will be the right fit.

Best Baby Formula

European baby formulasKendamil and HiPP contain natural, safe ingredients. These well respected formula companies provide infant nutrition that is ecologically sound and organically sourced.

My Organic Company proudly carries a full range of Kendamil and HiPP baby formulas to support your little ones in every stage of development, age, and nutritional need.

To find more information on Kendamil, HiPP, or other European baby formulas, please join us in the HiPP, Holle, Kendamil & European Baby Formula Parent Community. We share news and information and chat with parents and caregivers about all things baby.

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