Loulouka Organic Formula - Swiss Made

November 01, 2021

Loulouka Organic Formula - Swiss Made

European baby formulas are known worldwide for being simply the best. The nutrient composition of European baby formulas is closer to breast milk than any other baby formula on the market and they exclude unwanted ingredients, such as non-lactose sugars, heavy metals, and GMOs.

Loulouka organic baby formulas are a new face in the European baby formula scene and are already moving to the top of the list in European nutrition due in large part to the pure organic ingredients and the Swiss whole milk used.


Loulouka is a Swiss made formula with all essential ingredients and organic milk sourced in Switzerland, designed for your baby's nutritional and developmental needs.

Switzerland is known for superior dairy farming conditions and production of impeccable quality milk products.

Swiss Farmland

From conception, Loulouka specifically chose Switzerland to source all natural ingredients for their organic baby formulas. This beautiful country has abundant grass and pure waters which makes Switzerland the perfect home for farm animals and for dairy agriculture.

Over two-thirds of agricultural land in Switzerland is grassland. These grasslands in the hills are perfectly suited for farming of dairy animals as they offer profound amounts of fresh natural feed and wide open spaces.

Feed for Loulouka cows and goats primarily comes from Switzerland's natural grass and hay. This means Swiss dairy animals get fed with the best food appropriate for their species, in the setting that is conducive to giving the best milk.

The average farmer in Switzerland owns 26 animals. This means most farms are run by families which treat their animals with respect and provide living conditions appropriate to the species rather than that of large, corporation-owned farms.

In fact, it is very rare to see large, corporation-owned farms in Switzerland.

This is incredibly important as family owned farms allow for improved feeding and breeding conditions, as well as detailed knowledge of the animals and focus on health and long life of the dairy animals to increase efficiency in production.

Swiss farmers and their families build relationships with their animals, naming each one, individually caring for and learning each and every animal personally making sure they are happy, healthy and well nourished.

Animal Welfare Regulations

The regulations on animal welfare in Switzerland are among the strictest in the world. The Swiss Federal Act of Animal Protection establishes the well-being of farm animals through regulations for proper keeping arrangements, feeding, care and housing among many other factors.

Farmers and those in animal care must receive at least 12 months of practical training in a recognized training establishment on the keeping and proper care of the animals they farm.

Most dairy farms in Switzerland, including Loulouka farms, do even more than the Animal Welfare Act requires. The country has various voluntary animal welfare programs and labels in which many farms enthusiastically follow.

One example of a voluntary program that 90% of dairy farms take part in is the ROEL program. This program ensures regular outdoor exercise for livestock. Animals spend at least 26 days per month in the open air between May and October and at least 13 days between November and April.

Furthermore, over 95% of Swiss dairy farms comply with the proof of ecological performance (PER) requirement, which is the Swiss agricultural standard for environmentally-friendly production with regulations concerning animal husbandry, fertilizer use, ecological compensation areas, soil protection and regular crop rotation.

Swiss Milk Safety

Swiss milk is extremely safe and hygienic due to strict regulation and oversight. Out of almost half a million random Swiss dairy samples analyzed for germ content in 2017, 99.93% were impeccable.

This safe, sanitary and germ-free condition is due in large part to a ban of performance boosting hormones and unnecessary antibiotics for animals in Switzerland and the authority’s strict control of animal keeping, sanitation and hygienic processing operations.

Loulouka Swiss Milk

Loulouka owes a great deal of its success to alpine pastures. The rain and sunlight as well as diversity of plants means that Swiss milk has traditionally been richer and more flavorsome than milk from flatter farming areas.

The whole milk used in Loulouka baby formula has a sweeter, fuller taste that babies love and nutrition that is perfect for the growth and development during the first years.

My Organic Company is pleased to carry Loulouka baby formulas. Loulouka cow milk formula is made with pure organic ingredients without fillers, additives or unwanted sugars and Loulouka goat milk is a gentle formula designed to meet even the most sensitive baby’s needs.

To choose the Loulouka formula that is right for your little one, email or chat with our European baby formula experts for a one-on-one consolation; we look forward to hearing from you.

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