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Goat's Milk Baby Formula: The Ultimate Parent’s Guide

Goat's Milk Baby Formula: The Ultimate Parent’s Guide

If your baby shows signs of a cow’s milk protein allergy or sensitivity, picking the best baby formula for your little one can be an extremely daunting task since the majority of baby formulas are cow’s milk-based.

Goat's milk formula has become an increasingly popular alternative to cow's milk formula, this is because goat’s milk formula is formulated to meet the digestive and nutritional needs of babies with the most delicate systems.

Benefits of Goat's Milk Formula

While cow’s milk and goat’s milk share several similarities, goat’s milk offers some key beneficial differences.

Less Lactose

Both goat's milk formula, and cow’s milk contain lactose. Goat’s milk has less lactose than cow's milk by approximately half a percent.

This may not seem like a big deal, but this small amount can make a big difference when your baby has gas, bloating, or other digestive issues.

Soft Curd

All mammalian milk creates curds when reacting with your baby’s stomach acid. Some milk creates hard curds while others create soft curds.

Proteins found in goat's milk form a much softer curd when they reach the stomach in comparison to cow's milk. The curds form when these proteins denature, the softer curds allow the body to digest it quicker, and absorb the nutrients more efficiently.

A2 Milk

Cow’s milk, unless specifically A2 cow’s milk, contains an allergen known as alpha-S1 casein. When this A1 protein is broken down, it can create the peptide BCM-7 which has been shown to have negative effects on digestive system function and cause inflammation of the gut.

The proline found in A2 goat’s milk prevents BCM 7 from being absorbed into our body, easing digestion and soothing sensitive tummies.

More Digestible

Goat's milk fat differs in contents of its fatty acids significantly from average cow's milk fat. Goat's milk formula contains more short and medium fatty acids.

The short and medium fatty acids contribute to 15% of the total fatty acid content in goat's milk in comparison to 5% in cow's milk.

The presence of relatively high levels of short and medium chain fatty acids in goat's milk fat makes it easier to digest.

Please keep in mind that this does not mean that goat's milk formula contains less fat than cow’s milk. It only means that the fat available is easier to digest.


Goat's milk contains the highest level of oligosaccharides among all domestic animals and has significant similarities to human milk oligosaccharides from a structural point of view.

Oligosaccharides (HMOs) have prebiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Oligosaccharides in goat's milk are effective in promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and in prohibiting the ability of harmful bacteria from attaching to intestinal cells.

Immune Boosting

Goat’s milk contains a significant amount of Selenium, a rare mineral that plays a big part in enhancing the immune system.

Selenium in goat’s milk protects small bodies from infection and prevents the onset of harmful diseases.

Vitamins and Minerals

Compared to cow's milk, goat’s milk naturally contains higher levels of important vitamins and minerals.

  • Calcium:

Goat’s milk is high in calcium. The level of calcium in goat’s milk is provided by tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid needed for normal growth in infants, and for the production and maintenance of the body's proteins, muscles, enzymes, and neurotransmitters. It is an essential amino acid.

  • Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is considered an antioxidant, important for healing wounds and the absorption of iron.

  • Vitamin A:

Rich in Vitamin A benefits your baby's body in a variety of ways. Vitamin A reinforces the immune system and acts as an antioxidant fighting off cell damage. This nutritional necessity supports healthy vision and development of healthy skin and bones.

  • Magnesium:

A crucial mineral in our diet, it is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Amongst the numerous biochemical reactions magnesium is responsible for, this mineral ensures the proper functioning of the immune system, keeps the heart rhythm steady, and regulates blood glucose levels.

  • Potassium:

Goat’s milk is a better source of potassium than cow’s milk. Potassium is the primary electrolyte used for maintaining fluid balance inside your little one’s cells, and is essential to nerve transmission and muscle contraction.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental benefits of goat's milk production include keeping wildlife corridors open, preventing the spread of noxious weeds, and promoting the growth of local vegetative species through moderate grazing.

Goats are also more water-efficient and produce less enteric methane compared to cattle and other ruminants.

Baby Eczema

Eczema in babies is often caused by food allergies, in these cases goat’s milk baby formula can be helpful.

Full cream goat's milk formula is high in healthy omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acid has the anti-inflammatory properties that can help eczema in babies by reducing inflammation.

Omega-3s also moisturize the skin and fight red, dry, or itchy skin caused by skin disorders like eczema in babies by improving skin barrier function, sealing in moisture, and keeping out irritants.

European Baby Formula

Your baby’s first years are the most important time for cognitive development and physical growth. To support these years and set the foundation for your baby's future health it is vital that they receive the best in organic nutrition.

European goat’s milk formula sets the standard for pure organic goat's milk formula that has everything your little ones needs and available to the most sensitive little ones. Providing what your baby needs to thrive today and in the future while leaving out everything that can cause harm.

Free from Toxins

European goat's milk baby formula companies adhere to strict regulations and standards that ensure the use of only pure infant nutrition that are manufactured and produced in an ecologically responsible way.

European goat's milk baby formula is free from pesticide residue, growth hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic chemicals, preservatives, heavy metals, and potentially toxic Ingredients.

European organic goat's milk formula practices never leave room for additives, health impairing non lactose sugars, or preservatives.

Organic European Baby Formulas

European goat's milk baby formulas that are labeled organic comply with EU organic production rules and have at least 95% of the ingredients of agricultural origin are organic.

Manufacturers of organic European baby formulas follow farming methods that are holistic and eco-friendly.

From soil to production, European organic farming practices take into account animal health and husbandry, as well as economic and long term social aspects of farming.

Most like Breast Milk

European organic goat's milk baby formulas are made with wholesome ingredients that are designed specifically to mimic the properties and nutrients that are found in mother’s milk.

For sensitive babies it is especially comforting to know that if you feed your baby organic European goat's milk formula they are not missing out on any digestive benefits or nutritional content needed for healthy development.

Lactose Intolerance vs Milk Allergy

During the first 2 years of life 86% of infants experience digestive problems, leading to crying babies, and stressed-out families looking for better nutrition.

The good news-for most of these babies, goat's milk baby formula is the answer to soothing digestive problems and sleepless nights.

Milk Protein Intolerance

Milk protein intolerance involves baby’s digestive system. Milk intolerance occurs when an infant is not able to digest the sugar in milk, called lactose.

Infants with lactose intolerance fare much better on a baby formula with the least amount of lactose, low levels can be found in goat's milk formula.

Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance



  Bloated stomach

  Spitting up

  Irritability, crying or other colic symptoms

  Failure to thrive and gain weight

Milk Allergy

Cow’s milk allergy can affect as much as 4.9% of all babies. It is important to understand that infants exhibit different symptoms depending on their immunological response when milk enters the body.

Milk allergies affect an infant's immune system by releasing histamines and other chemicals to fight the proteins in cow’s milk. The baby's immune system sees the cow’s milk protein as an unwanted substance.

Symptoms of Milk Allergies

 Frequent spitting up


 Abdominal pain

 Colic-like symptoms after feedings


 Blood in stool


 Eczema or skin rash

 Coughing or wheezing

 Watery eyes and stuffy nose

 Trouble breathing

 Swelling in the mouth or throat

Goat’s milk contains a tenth less lactose than cow's milk and interestingly enough, due to higher protein amounts and other properties that make it easier to digest, many babies with cow’s milk allergies often do not experience the same allergy to goat’s milk.

If your baby or toddler has a dairy allergy, please speak with a pediatrician before you make the switch to European goat milk's baby formula.

European Goat's Milk Formula

European goat's milk formula has all the digestive benefits of A2 goat's milk-base with the nutritional support of European organic standards.

The top European baby formula manufacturers have produced baby formulas that even the most sensitive babies will enjoy, with all the nutritional value families love.

One of the leading brands in the European baby formula market for over 80 years, Holle has created organic formulas in Demeter quality since 1933.

Within the last 35 years, Holle has been available in over 40 countries across Europe with the headquarters in Riehen, Switzerland.

Holle baby formula is chemical-free and gluten-free. It has no added sugar, GMO’s, preservatives, wheat, soy, or nuts.

Offering 100% organic whole goat's milk formula made without palm oil or coconut oil, families find Holle goat's milk formula the perfect answer for their sensitive and allergy prone babies.

Holle is one of the oldest baby formula manufacturers in Europe with 80 years of history and the highest standards in the world. One of the first European baby formula companies to be certified as a Demeter company and is now one of the leading organic certified baby food manufacturers.

Holle Goat German Formula

Holle goat's milk formula is ideal for supplementing with breast milk or exclusive bottle-feeding. Holle goat's milk formula is formulated at each stage to meet the growth and developmental needs of your baby.

Made with high-quality EU organic goat's milk. Holle Goat German Formula is made from 99% organically grown ingredients and the remaining 1% are vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for a baby’s development.

Holle German Goat comes in 400g / 14oz of formula powder and has three stages.

Holle German Goat Stage 1: Organic Goat's Milk- Holle Goat Formula stage 1 is ideal for newborns to six months. Perfect breastfeeding substitute or standalone nutrition.

Holle German Goat Stage 2: Organic Goat's Milk- Holle Goat Formula stage 2 is perfect for babies older than six months. For growing babies that are starting to eat solid foods.

Holle German Goat Stage 3: Organic Goat's Milk- Holle Goat Formula stage 3 is for babies older than ten months up to toddlers under the age of two. Made with additional fats to boost the immune system and normal brain development.

Holle Goat Milk Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   400g / 14oz


Why Choose?

Biodynamic Organic A2 Whole Goat Milk, Organic Maltodextrin, No Palm Oil

Holle Goat Dutch Formula

Exactly like the German version nutritionally, Holle Goat Dutch Formula contains naturally occurring organic milk based carbohydrates to keep your baby full and balanced vitamins and minerals to keep your baby healthy.

Holle Goat Dutch is shipped in a convenient and money-saving 800g / 28.22oz of formula powder in three stages.

Holle Dutch Goat Stage 1: Organic Goat's Milk- Holle Dutch Goat Formula stage 1 is ideal for newborns to six months. Give your baby an abundance of nutrients essential for the first months of their life.

Holle Dutch Goat Stage 2: Organic Goat's Milk- Holle Dutch Goat Formula stage 2 is perfect for babies older than six months. Optimizes digestion and nutrition for babies starting to eat solids.

Holle Dutch Goat Stage 3: Organic Goat's Milk- Holle Dutch Goat Formula stage 3 is for babies older than ten months up to toddlers under the age of two. Perfect for balancing nutritional deficits from solid nutrition.

Holle Goat Dutch Milk Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

Biodynamic Organic A2 Whole Goat Milk, Organic Maltodextrin, No Palm Oil

Jovie goat's milk formula is a relatively new brand that was started by a team of European baby formula experts that have a very long history in the goat's milk infant formula industry.

The Jovie team has a true desire to bring families pure organic and full cream goat's milk filled with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Jovie goat's milk formula is made without palm oil, soy, or maltodextrin.

Jovie Goat's Milk Formula

Jovie goat's milk formula is the first European goat's milk based baby formula to add galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) directly to the formula.

GOS is a dietary fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Found naturally in breastmilk, GOS are important prebiotic fibre promoting the growth of the beneficial bacteria, like bifidobacteria, in the large intestine and may positively influence the development of the immune system and digestive distress such as constipation.

Jovie goat's milk comes in three stages in 800g / 28oz of formula powder.

Jovie Goat Stage 1: Organic Goat's Milk- Jovie Goat Milk Stage 1 is ideal for newborns to six months. Jovie provides full cream goat's milk goodness that is easy on your newborn delicate system.

Jovie Goat Stage 2: Organic Goat's Milk- Jovie Goat Milk Stage 2  is perfect for babies older than six months. Specifically designed to be a perfect complaint as you start the introduction of basic fruits and vegetables to your little one’s diet.

Jovie Goat Stage 3: Organic Goat's Milk- Jovie Goat Milk Stage 3 is for babies 12 months onwards. Carefully selected ingredients give growing toddlers exactly what they need and is the perfect complement to the continued introduction of a varied and balanced diet.

Jovie Goat Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

A2 Whole Organic Goat Milk, No Palm Oil, No Coconut Oil, GOS (probiotics), English Label

Kendamil goat's milk formula is the only infant nutrition made in the United Kingdom and is made by the European baby formula company that is the sole supplier of formula to the royal family.

Built on over 58 years’ expertise in infant nutrition, Kendamil organic is a family business committed to developing the most premium, natural, traceable and sustainable formula in the world.

Kendamil Goat's Milk Formula

Kendamil goat's milk baby formula is easily set apart from all other goat's milk formulas by having the distinction of being the very first goat formula globally to contain Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), as found in human breast milk.

Kendamil goat formula is among a very short list of European baby formulas that do not contain DHA and ARA that have been sourced from fish oil.

Instead, Kendamil goat uses plant-based, pure marine algae, as its source of DHA and Omega 3 which makes this formula vegetarian-friendly. This non-allergen alternative to DHA and ARA is carefully extracted without hexanes or chemicals.

Kendamil goat formula does not contain palm oil or coconut oil. Kendamil goat's milk formula comes in three stages. Each 800g / 28.22oz container is uniquely designed to be the most advanced infant nutrition of its kind.

Kendamil Goat Stage 1: Suitable from birth to 6 months. Kendamil stage 1 full cream goat's milk has the same ratio of whey to casein as breast milk, which is 60/40.

Kendamil Goat Stage 2: Ideal for 6 to 12 months. Kendamil stage 2 full cream goat's milk with a ratio of whey to casein is 40/60 to mimic the natural changes of breast milk at this stage.

Kendamil Goat Stage 3: For toddlers 12 months and over. Kendamil stage 3 Contains more protein, calcium, and phosphorus than Stage 1 & 2 to meet the cognitive and developmental leaps at this age.

Kendamil Goat Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

A2 Whole Goat Milk, No Palm Oil, No Fish Oil, Vegetarian Friendly, HMO's

Loulouka goat's milk formula is our newest and only goat milk formula that is sourced and produced in Switzerland following strict European Union certified organic standards.

Loulouka chose this country especially because of the comprehensive ​​regulations on animal welfare. Swiss legislation ensures animal well-being and gentle animal husbandry practices with emphasis on ecological sustainability and harmony.

Loulouka Goat's Milk Formula

Loulouka organic whole goat's milk formula uses lactose sourced from 100% organic goat's milk as the main carbohydrate and leaves out both palm oil and coconut oil.

Loulouka organic contains plant-based DHA derived from algal oil and completely leaves out fish oil. Pure marine algae is Loulouka goat formula's source of DHA and Omega 3 making this a vegetarian-friendly formula.

Loulouka goat comes in two stages in convenient and price efficient boxes of 400g / 14oz powdered formula.

Loulouka Goat Stage 1: Organic Goat's Milk- Loulouka Goat Stage 1 is great for babies 0 – 6 months. Formulated with the best organic Swiss goat's milk and contains important ingredients for your baby’s development. Can be used as a standalone formula or as a supplement to breast milk.

Loulouka Goat Stage 2: Organic Goat's Milk- Loulouka Goat Stage 2 is ideal for babies older than six months. Jam-packed with iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. This formula also contains a balance of essential protein and carbohydrates that will allow your baby to grow up strong, while supporting gastrointestinal health.

Loulouka Goat Stage 1

Age:  0-6 Months


Size:  400g / 14oz


Why Choose?

No Palm Oil and No Coconut Oil, Organic Swiss whole A2 goat milk, Plant based DHA instead of Fish Oil, Vegetarian Friendly

A Helpful Guide to all 4 Goat's Milk Formulas

European Goat's Milk Formula

European baby formulas are known worldwide for having the very best nutrition to meet the digestive needs of all infants. European goat's milk formulas are no exception.

By providing soothing A2 milk proteins that closely mimics breast milk even families with the most sensitive babies can find the perfect European goat's milk formula for their baby.

All European goat's milk baby formula brands that My Organic Company carry have the highest quality ingredients that are produced in an ecological and animal friendly way.

If your little one is showing signs of digestive sensitivity please reach out to one of European baby formula experts to get a one to one evaluation on whether European goat milk formula is right for your family.

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