Premibio Infant Formula: The Ultimate Guide

December 06, 2022

Premibio Infant Formula: The Ultimate Guide

Premibio Infant Formula: The Ultimate Guide

Starting from day one, your infant’s diet is the key to good health that will last throughout their life. Unfortunately, many companies skimp on proper nutrition when searching for a breastfeeding supplement or alternative, resulting in later-in-life complications and concerns.


Premibio understands how essential it is to provide babies with safe, wholesome nutrition for all families. Using the highest quality standards and a wide selection of formulas to meet digestive and lifestyle needs, Prémibio is nutrition you can trust.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Premibio: History
  2. 2. Premibio Baby Formula Ingredients
  3. 3. Premibio Infant Formula: Variety
  4. 4. Premibio Premilait Infant Formula: Cow-Milk-Based Nutrition
  5. 5. Premibio Premichevre Infant Formula: Goat-Milk-Based Nutrition
  6. 6. Premibio Premirice Infant Formula: Organic Vegan Nutriton
  7. 7. Premibio Infant Formula

Premibio, a French brand, is committed to being constantly at the heart of organic farming by exclusively offering products from organic farming. This organic company invests ethically and sustainably with its partners, suppliers, customers, and employees.


Among the many accolades, Prémibio is the first infant nutritional brand to offer organic anti-reflux and organic growth milk, which can be diluted cold, and a true pioneer in providing a range of infant foods guaranteed without palm oil as early as 2006.


Continuing as a researcher and innovator, the Prémibio brand then launched in 2014, the first organic infant milk made from goat's milk specially designed to be used from birth. This unique formula paved the way for many global goat-milk-based recipes and brands.


Having a desire to serve all familes, Premiriz introduced the premiere “vegan” infant milk made from hydrolyzed organic rice protein for children with allergies in 2015.


Today, Premibio is a forerunner in organic infant nutrition that meets all growth and developmental requirements at every stage, age, and digestive situation and is unique without palm or fish oil.

Premibio Baby Formula Ingredients

Choosing the purest option on the market for your baby must be a top priority! Prémibio meets the highest expectation from families by offering organic nutrition that is well thought out and only contains unadulterated food for your baby’s body and mind.

Organic Baby Formula

By offering baby formula exclusively from organic farming, the French brand Prémibio has been aiming to be at the heart of every family.


Prémibio invests in an ethical and sustainable way with its partners, suppliers, customers, and employees. Prémibio is truly a pioneer in organic infant formula.

Organic Vegetable Fat

Fat in breast milk delivers approximately 40-50% of total energy and is essential for neurological development.


Fat also helps provide crucial fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K. In the baby formula, a blend of plant-based oils is used to model breast milk’s complex fatty acid composition.


As with all ingredients, Prémibio has placed considerable consideration into the oils that will have the most significant benefit to your baby’s growth and development.


🌻Sunflower Oil contains linoleic and oleic acid

both critical fatty acids are found in breast milk.


🥥Coconut oil is rich in saturated fat and can fortify the immune system. Unlike palm, coconut oil is gentler and can digest more vitamins and nutrients from other ingredients.


🌼Rapeseed oil has nutritional and preventive benefits due to its unique fatty acid composition with a favorable ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, a high oleic acid content, and a low proportion of saturated fatty acids.

Palm-Oil Free

Prémibio chooses an organic blend of plant-based oils that is unique to all lines. Each cow’s milk, goat milk, and vegan stage is designed without palm oil.

Fish Oil Free

All Prémibio formulas are all fish oil-free as part of the continuing commitment to sourcing the finest sustainable ingredients for babies without compromising nutritional value.


Unique vegetarian and vegan recipe Prémibio formulas get all of the omega-3 DHA your little one needs from the healthy and sustainable microalgae.


Derived from organic corn, this companion or substitute to lactose is gentle on even the most sensitive digestive system.


Used as a companion to milk-based protein, Maltodextrin naturally is a buffer to enzymes in lactose, helping to soothe the difficulties some younger babies have with digestion.


As an ingredient in vegan baby formulas, maltodextrin is helpful as a carbohydrate to boost calories and energy.

Maltodextrin comes in powdered form, has a neutral taste and very little sweetness, and has a solubility that ensures a lump-free formula for the perfect bottle-feeding consistency.

Free of Hidden Additives

Each box of Prémibio formula is guaranteed only to contain the ingredients listed.

You will never find hidden surprises in your child’s nutrition.


Each scoop of powdered baby formula is certified free of pesticides, GMOs, preservatives, soy, gluten, sucrose, and corn syrups.

Prémibio Infant Formula: Variety

Prémibio has been a pioneer of organic baby formula since 2006. Combining naturally complementary ingredients, Prémibio covers the needs of baby's in families everywhere with the perfect combination of proteins, essential amino acids, and supportive vitamins and minerals.

Prémibio Prémilait Infant Formula: Cow-Milk-Based Nutrition

Premibio Prémilait organic milk is formulated for infants from birth through toddlerhood. This powder baby formula is complete nutrition and designed with a maximum of natural ingredients.


Prémilait shining star is the main ingredient of milk from cows raised following the rules of organic farming, benefiting from fresh pasture grass, fodder, and herbs. These farms will never use non-medical antibiotics or feed from presided latent food or growth hormones, which means only the best milk for your infants.


Premibio Prémilait Stage 1 is rich in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats essential for a baby's growth. This certified organic milk contains plant-based DHA as an essential fatty acid from the omega-3 family, and all three stages are formulated without GMOs or palm oil.


Beneficial to all babies, each stage contains Bifidus longum, a natural probiotic in the mother’s milk for healthy flowering growth in the digestive system.


As an important note, Prémilait contains 100% natural magnesium, making a beautiful combination with the natural calcium for easier digestion due to low acidity quality in the body, unlike other forms of calcium, for exa, simple calcium chloride that is used in most US formulas.


Prémilait takes pride in having the most studied and researched nutrient combination for protection against infection, cold, flu, bacteria, virus, fungus & diarrhea, and a high concentration of anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties.

Prémibio Prémichèvre Infant Formula: Goat-Milk-Based Nutrition

Renowned for excellent digestibility, Prémibio Prémichèvre Infant Formula, made from goat's milk, is recommended for babies starting at birth who are sensitive to cow’s milk.


Naturally designed to be gentle due to the A2 milk priorities, this noteworthy infant formula uses exclusively dairy ingredients from goat's milk leaving out cow’s milk products altogether.


Prémichèvre, at all stages and ages, uniquely offers organic infant milk made from goat's milk and formulated without ingredients from cow's milk that are generally declared as "lactose" in impure goat milk formulas.


This bovine lactose used in other brands of goat's milk-based formulas contains traces of cow's milk proteins and increases the possibility of digestive worries. These allergic risks associated with most infant formula are exponentially reduced by excluding the ingredients labeled as lactose from cow's milk and fish oil and replacing them with plant-based DHA.


Premibio has resolutely opted for lactose from goat's milk alone, guided as always by the criterion of optimal nutritional quality for your baby without further clarification.



Premibio Premichevre Infant Formula uses only organic ingredients that are palm oil-free and leave out the fish oil.

Premibio Premirice Infant Formula: Organic Vegan Nutrition

Premibio Premirice is an infant formula that provides your baby with all the nutrients necessary for physical and cognitive growth: proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential omega fatty acids-3 and omega-6; in a very distinctive way, dairy and soy free!


Premirice strictly complies with European and French regulations for infant formulas and follow-on formulas and is complete nutrition used exclusively or in combination with breastfeeding.


Combining the same formula, both vegetable and organically grown, Prémirice offers fundamental nutritional advances. The highlights include DHA from a plant resource and prebiotics (or bifidogenic fibers), which promote the growth of beneficial intestinal flora.


Naturally lactose-free, this plant-based baby formula based on hydrolyzed rice proteins is ideal for little ones that are entirely intolerant to lactose, a sugar present in all infant milk containing milk of animal origin, whether milk-based from cow, but also based on goat’s milk.


Premibio Premirice baby formula offers balanced nutrition with plant-based protein and palm oil and is lactose-free for vegetarian and vegan babies.

Premibio Infant Formula

Meeting your little one’s dietary needs with pure, clean nutrition is My Organic Company’s top priority.


We are excited to add Premibio Infant Formulas in three varieties for digestive support, including all our families, those with lactose intolerance or dairy-free, and all babies in between. 

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