Vegan Baby Formula: Bèbè M vs Prémibio Prémirice

December 13, 2022

Vegan Baby Formula: Bèbè M vs Prémibio Prémirice

Now more than ever, there is a growing interest in vegan baby formula. Whether your family chooses a diet free of animal products or your little one has an allergy or intolerance to lactose, finding the best formula that is nutritionally well-balanced and promotes future health is significant.


If you are raising a vegan baby or searching for a breastfeeding alternative for little ones with a cow’s milk allergy, we have award-winning recommendations for the best organic plant-based baby formula without the harmful side effect of soy.


With over 100 years of combined expertise, trusted names Bèbè M and Prémibio Vegan have been providing all families with organic vegetable-based options designed to be used from birth.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Breastfeeding Alternatives
  • 2. Vegan Baby Formula Recipe
  • 3. Rice Protein Baby Formula
  • 4. Sustainable: Vegan Baby Formula
  • 5. Eco-Friendly Baby Products
  • 6. Best Plant-Based Milk vs. Vegan Baby Formula
  • 7. Prémibio Prémirice Infant Formula: Organic Vegan Nutriton
  • 8. Bébé M Organic Vegan Baby Formula
  • 9. Best Baby Formula
  • 10.Frequently Asked Questions

Breastfeeding Alternatives

The best baby formulas are designed to mimic breast milk as closely as possible.


While most breastfeeding alternatives are made from cow’s milk or goat’s milk, some non-dairy options available seem to accommodate milk allergies and vegan families, but most contain animal by-products or soy.


Bèbè M and Prémibio Prémice have seen the need for a superior replacement that will fit with even the most stringent vegan lifestyle and delicate digestive conditions.

Vegan Baby Formula Recipe

The ideal vegan formula starts with unadulterated, uncontaminated wholesome ingredients.

Organic Baby Formula

Guaranteed pure nutrition starts with organic ingredients. Organic means baby formula is free from pesticide residue, growth hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), heavy metals, preservatives, and potentially toxic substances.


Organic certification shows how truly passionate and dedicated Bèbè M, and Prémibio Prémirice are to producing the best possible infant nutrition.

Corn Syrup Free

When researching breast milk alternatives, many parents and caregivers are surprised to find corn syrup as a top ingredient in most over-the-counter baby formulas.


Well-documented to cause childhood obesity, dental decay, and long-term health implications, both Bèbè M vs. Prémibio Prémirice have gone out of the way to leave out this destructive ingredient as well as table sugar, fructose, and glucose.

Vitamin D in Formula

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential in baby milk, and families only want the best for their babies.

Having a plant-based source of DHA will not only improve the nutritional profile of vegan baby milk but is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to feed your little one. Algae proliferate using fewer resources (e.g., freshwater and arable lands) and do not contribute to overfishing.


Since algae are cultivated in a controlled environment, it offers extra assurance regarding safety, cleanliness, and ocean-borne contaminants such as heavy metals.


Baby food manufacturers can turn to algae oil as a source of omega-3. Algae oil does not come with any fishy aftertaste and has no fish oil smell. Algae oil is also free from fish allergens.


Algae oil is ideal for plant-based baby foods.

Soy Baby Formula: Say NO

In the United States, soy formula is the most commonly available choice for vegan families and is marketed as an option for babies with cow’s milk allergies and intolerances.


However, some infants allergic to cow’s milk may also be allergic to soymilk. And, if your baby has any diagnosed food allergies, it’s best to avoid soy products in the first six months and consult your pediatrician before introducing soy and other common allergens.


Soy formula has higher levels of aluminum and phytates than animal milk or pea-based infant formulas. These higher heavy metals have been known to impair kidney function, specific nutrient deficiencies, or malabsorption issues.


An important note for vegan families about soy formula: other than the outlined trouble that most soy formulas contain, the source for vitamin D3 is most certainly from sheep lanolin or fish. Watch for labeling such as ‘plant-based’ or ‘dairy-free’ rather than vegan.

Rice Protein Baby Formula

Rice protein is an exceptional alternative to soy in vegan baby formulas. Soybeans contain compounds (e.g., phytic acid and proteinase inhibitors) that interfere with digestion and absorption, and peas have fewer anti-nutritive factors.


Rice protein is rich in branched-chain amino acids, arginine, lysine, and iron. Rice protein also makes a gentle base for baby formula that is very easy on our baby’s stomach and filling.

Sustainable: Vegan Baby Formula

Babies get through many formulas in those first six months alone, so choosing a sustainable plant-based formula will mean the best ingredients are sourced in the best possible way.


Start by checking the ingredients list for genetically modified organisms, including GMOs, and choose formulas made with primarily organic ingredients. Organic farming helps support a more sustainable approach with fewer pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.


100% organic plant-based ingredients in Bèbè M and Prémibio Prémirice guarantee no GMOs or unwanted or unseen additives.

Palm Oil Free

Choosing a vegan formula that does not contribute to deforestation and supports healthy growth and development is practical and vital for our children’s futures.


Many infant formulas include palm oil, which, in most cases, is terrible for biodiversity and can be problematic for delicate digestive systems.


Despite the name, palm oil isn’t identical to the palmitic acid (a fat) found in breastmilk, and in many cases, tiny tummies have a more challenging time digesting palm oil. This oil can reduce calcium absorption, which is not suitable for growing babies.


Coconut oil is a good alternative and can be found in Bèbè M and Prémibio Prémirice. Both brands use sustainably sourced vegetable oils mixed with enzymes that make the blend more like palmitic acid in breast milk.

Eco-Friendly Baby Products

Compared to cow’s milk formula, the plant-based formula has a significantly lower carbon footprint and uses far fewer natural resources than animal milk formula. It is a safe, healthy, and sustainable choice for infants.

Best Plant-Based Milk vs. Vegan Baby Formula

Babies need human breast milk or properly designed baby formula to thrive and grow. Plant-based milk alone does not provide the proper nutrients or energy profile to nourish infants from birth through the toddler years.

Vegan formulas Bèbè M and Prémibio Prémirice are more than just the rice protein in powder form; they are so much more!

Perfectly designed proteins, carbohydrates, and fats have been fortified with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other essential nutrients.


Plant-based milk should not be introduced before 12 months, partly because any milk can make a baby feel full, thus limiting their intake of breastmilk or formula that provides greater all-around nourishment.


After a baby is around a year old, it is acceptable to introduce almond, cashew, rice, hemp, pea, or other plant-based milk as long as it’s unsweetened.

Of course, any vegan milk introduced should be part of a balanced diet and not a substitute for solid foods.

Prémibio Prémirice Infant Formula: Organic Vegan Nutrition

Complying with strict European and French regulations for infant formulas and follow-on formulas, Prémirice’s complete nutrition is perfectly balanced to be used exclusively or in combination with breastfeeding.


In the same formula, both vegetable and organically grown, Prémirice offers fundamental nutritional advances.



Vegan DHA from micro-algae is the essentiality of omega-3 EPA and has long been recognized and recommended as healthy and sustainable.


Fructo-oligosaccharides (prebiotic plant fibers) are a plant resource that promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal flora.

Naturally Lactose-Free

Prémirice plant-based baby formula is based on hydrolyzed rice proteins that are ideal for little ones that are entirely intolerant to lactose and offer balanced nutrition for vegetarian and vegan babies.


Prémibio Prémirice is a vegan formula that provides your baby with all the nutrients necessary for physical and cognitive growth: proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential omega fatty acids-3 and omega-6; in a very distinctive way, dairy and soy free!

    Bébé M Organic Vegan Baby Formula

Innovation is the perfect word to describe Bébé M vegan baby formula. This award-winning formula is unique, starting with the development and ingredients through the manufacturing process.

100% Temperature Control

At the cutting edge of nutrient preservation, La Madorele uses a low-temperature manufacturing process of controlled encapsulation and dehydration.


The improved production method is just as important as the composition. It is a new microencapsulation and dehydration process operating under controlled temperatures for Bébé M, protecting the oils and preserving the nutrients.

100% Plant-Based

Bébé M Infant Formula is based on certified organic rice protein hydrolysate. It is perfect for those who choose to leave animal by-products out of their diets and families simply looking for clean, balanced nutrition.

100% Allergy Free

Free of allergenic proteins, Bébé M is better for digestive worries for babies that have a sensitivity or intolerance to cow's or goat’s milk formula, without the dangers of soy or the unwanted side effect of gluten.


Bebe M products are without animal ingredients for better respect for our environment and so that all families have a healthy balanced option.

Best Baby Formula

If you suspect a lactose intolerance or allergy in your little one or if your family chooses a vegan lifestyle, then Bèbè M and Prémibio Prémirice are trusted nutrition you can count on for proper growth and development. Free of animal-derived ingredients, these 100% vegan formulas can be used from birth through the toddler years.


My Organic Company has nutritional, digestive, and personal support for all families, whether vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bèbè M and Prémibio Prémirice 100% Vegan? 

Yes, they are free of animal-derived ingredients. These 100% vegan formulas can be used from birth to toddler years.

Is There Soy in Bèbè M and Prémibio Prémirice? 

No! Both brands take great pride in being soy-free to allow parents the healthiest vegan choices.

Are Bèbè M and Prémibio Prémirice Gluten Free? 

Yes! Not only are they gluten-free they are also made without corn syrup, GMO ingredients, and phyton.

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