Does Baby Formula Expire?

April 30, 2021

Does Baby Formula Expire?

As a breastfeeding alternative and supplement, European baby formulas have been the nutritional answer parents are looking for.

Using proper handling and storage practice, caregivers can ensure their little ones receive everything they need for proper growth and development while protecting their baby from unwanted dangers such as bacteria.

Does Baby Formula Expire?

With your infant's health and safety in mind, all European baby formulas follow strict guidelines when it comes to manufacturing and packaging.

Each box or canister will have a clearly marked use by date as well as requirements for storage and manufacturer outlined guidelines for shelf life once opened.

Does Baby Formula Expire if Unopened?

My Organic Company works diligently with our suppliers and warehouse facilities to ship the freshest batch of European baby formula available. Each box or canister will be clearly marked on the bottom with a Use By Date or Best Before Date.

Use-by-dates indicate when your baby formula will be at its peak quality. Using European strict regulations, manufacturers of European baby formula carefully produce infant formulas with all the nutrients needed to meet developmental and cognitive development.

In order to provide this support, all nutrients need to be present in their best form. With that in mind, the best if used by date is added to make sure your littles one's breastfeeding alternative is at the best possible level of nutrition.

This date also ensures that the container of European baby formula does not sit unused for an extended amount of time allowing the ingredients in baby formula break down and start to separate.

This separation can lead to uneven mixtures that makes providing the best nutrition impossible and will clog the nipple on a baby bottle.

Where is the Expiration Date on European Baby Formula?

On each box or canister of European baby formula the expiration or used by date is located at the bottom.

Important note on European Expiration Dates

Expiration dates on European baby formulas are written as day-month-year.

For example: April 29, 2021 or 04-29-21 by the American system will be listed as 29.04.21 on European made formulas.

Although this can be confusing at first, you can rest assured we will never ship a perishable product that has expired.

Does Baby Formula Powder Expire after Opening?

European powdered baby formula from the point of manufacturing is usually marked to expire -unopened- as long as a year. However, even when the powdered formula is stored under optimal conditions, an opened container expires much sooner than the printed expiry date.

Depending on the nutrients and manufacturing process, each brand has a recommendation on when it is best to use an opened container of baby formula.

By using the box or canister of European powdered formula within the recommended time, each baby receives the nutrients at the highest quality.

Does Baby Formula Really Expire?

If you have moved your powder formula into another container and do not know whether or not your baby’s formula has expired, it is best to err on the side of caution.

If you believe it is past the date or shows signs of possible spoilage, never use the powdered baby formula. Go ahead and throw it out and recycle the left over container.

Signs of Spoiled Baby Formula

When preparing the perfect bottle of baby formula it is imperative to always check for signs of spoiling before making a baby bottle.

If the ingredients in the European baby formula are spoiled you may notice:

❌ The smell of the powder will have an off aroma

❌ Clumping when mixing

❌ Separation of ingredients after mixing

❌ Baby might refuse the bottle

❌ Baby will get sick during/immediately following a feeding

The majority of the time, if a little one is mistakenly given a spoiled baby formula they will easily recover from any symptoms once a caregiver replaces the infant formula and the toxins are flushed from their system.

Premature Baby Formula Expiration

The storage conditions of the European baby formula are extremely important. Mishandling of the powdered baby formula can lead to premature expiration of the nutrients contained inside.

Once the powdered baby formula is opened, it is immediately exposed to environmental factors that allow the formation of dangerous bacteria. The best way to control the safety of the powder baby formula is to place European baby formulas on a shelf or in a dark cool environment in between feedings.

Make sure the pouch or container is well sealed to ensure the nutrition inside is contained and kept free of contaminants that may lead to premature expiration of the powdered baby formula.

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European Baby Formula

My Organic Company takes great pride in bringing the freshest European baby formulas delivered straight to your family's door. We work tirelessly to guarantee your little one's nutrition is at the highest quality possible.

For questions on any of our European baby formulas or other European formula feeding inquiries feel free to reach out to our caring staff of caregivers and experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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