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Holle Formula

Holle Organic Baby Formula has the cleanest ingredients to offer!


Holle has earned its reputation as the best baby formula in Germany as it’s made with organic alpine cow’s milk and goat’s milk from a biodynamic farm that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Holle formula is also similar to breastmilk, so your baby will love the taste of thisorganic milk.

Holle baby formula is a DemeterOrganic ++ Certified EU product that is chemical-free and gluten-free. It also has no added sugar, GMO’s, preservatives, wheat, soy, or nuts. Holle Stage One also contains vitamins A, C, D, calcium, and iron, soHolle formula is a nutrient-rich option for babies.  

Holle Baby Formula Stages

Holle Cow Milk Formula:

Holle Pre - Holle formula Pre is for babies from birth to six months. It’s also a nutritious baby formula that is lactose-based and without any maltodextrin.

Holle Stage 1  - Holle formula stage 1 is made for babies up to six months and contains vitamins and minerals for immunity, digestion, and bone strength. You can also either use Holle baby formula alone or as a healthy breastfeeding substitute.

Holle Stage 2 - Holle formula stage 2 provides all the nutrients your growing baby needs for healthy brain development, immune strength, and digestion.

Holle Stage 3  - Holle formula stage 3 is formulated for babies over ten months who are starting to eat solids yet still need the nutrients in baby formula.

Holle Stage 4  - Holle formula stage 4 is for toddlers over twelve months. Stage four is perfect for those who need cow milk but not old enough to forego the lack of vitamin D and iron that is missing from regular dairy milk products.

Holle Goat Milk Formula:

Holle Stage 1   Organic Goat Milk  - Holle Goat Formula stage 1 is ideal for newborns to six months. It’s ideal for infants who have milk allergies, need a formula that is easier to digest, or those who can’t process lactose. It’s also the perfect breastfeeding substitute.

Holle Stage 2   Organic Goat Milk Holle Goat Formula stage 2 is perfect for babies older than six months. It’s also nutritiously packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals that are necessary for growing babies whether continuing on Holle or starting to eat solid foods.

Holle Stage 3   Organic Goat Milk Holle Goat Formula stage 3 is for babies older than ten months. Holle is the perfect go-to organic baby formula for toddlers under the age of two as the body requires additional fats to boost the immune system and normal brain development.

Is Cow Milk Better Than Goat Milk?

It’s important to understand that both cow and goat milk formula have similar amounts of fat, so they are excellent  breastfeeding substitutes both in taste and texture.  Organic cow milk contains crucial vitamins and minerals that are going to help babies meet developmental milestones.  

Organic goat milk also has the vital vitamins and minerals as well as properties that improve digestion and decrease the risk of infection and allergic reactions to food that contain gluten, nuts, wheat, and soy.  

If you are looking for where to buy Holle formula, My Organic Company is the leading Holle Formula USA distributor and most trusted source for selling the best organic baby formulas.

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896 reviews
Great formula

Wish we had used this for our first son. We have had no issues with our 2nd boy with loulouka and will continue to use through the stages.

Lebenswert Stage 1

My daughter enjoys this formula flavor and seems to have less gas

3 month Daughter loves it!

I love that this is organic and all natural and yet highly evaluated to ensure its quality. Our daughter seems to love the taste and has responded well to the mixture. Her colic and nasal congestion has seemed to reduce greatly since being on these formulas. I wish we had found it sooner.

Great product!

Great product. Great service. The only issue we had was sensitivity.

Well Tolerated by Baby

Reading ingredient lists on US baby formulas has always made me feel like such a failure as a breastfeeding mom when I have to resort to using it. Baby has started solids and my milk supply has tanked. I can't nurse anymore as he is biting. I feel better about what's in this formula than I have about any I've used. Well tolerated, no constipation or gas. Its like it doesnt have corn and soy in it...weird. 😉