Kendamil Goat Formula vs Jovie Goat Formula: The Ultimate Parent's Guide

October 04, 2021

Kendamil Goat Formula vs Jovie Goat Formula: The Ultimate Parent's Guide

Choosing the right formula for your little one can be extremely difficult. Many parents struggle with the big selection of formula types available and this is especially true if your baby has a cow’s milk sensitivity or intolerance.

When choosing a baby formula for digestive difficulties, there’s a lot to keep in mind. You have to consider the nutrients the formula offers, and you have to pay close attention to your baby’s reaction to the formula.

The good news - goat’s milk baby formulas offer the most important benefits of cow’s milk baby formulas with less lactose and enough important differences to make it the perfect choice for many babies that need extra tummy support.

Among the very best of the best in the world are two European baby formulas that are raising the bar in the infant nutritional world: Kendamil goat milk and Jovie goat milk. We will take a look at both of these outstanding European baby formulas to see if one has ingredients that will outshine the other.

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Goat's Milk

Knowing what goes into these top European baby formulas is the first step in discerning which formula is at the very top in infant nutrition.

65% of the milk consumption worldwide is from goat’s milk, and this popularity is well earned.

As we will see, not all lactose-based milk is created equal. The differences between cow’s milk and goat’s milk may not seem apparent upon the first examination. However, with close examination, it is evident that this could not be further from the truth.

There are key factors that play an integral part in how goat milk matches up with the human body in the various ages and developmental stages. These distinct nuances are the reason that goat milk is the number one favorite of families.

Cow's Milk VS. Goat's Milk Formula

Compared to cow’s milk baby formula, goat’s milk baby formula has different minerals, a better balance of vitamins, and a digestible A2 milk protein makeup that benefits even the most sensitive babies.

More Digestible

When digested, cow’s milk baby formula and goat’s milk baby formula create curds by reacting with your baby’s stomach acid. Cow’s milk baby formula creates hard curds while goat’s milk A2 formulas create soft curds.

The size of the curds have a huge impact on how this liquid nutrition passes through your baby’s stomach. Goat milk formula’s softer curd makes it easier for your baby to digest.

Less Allergic

A1 cow’s milk baby formula contains an allergen known as alpha-S1 casein. This one amino acid change means when the A1 protein is broken down, it can create the peptide BCM-7 which has been shown to have effects on digestive system function and often can lead to big problems such as indigestion, inflammation, and digestive distress.

The good news is that the proline amino acid found in A2 goat’s milk baby formula prevents BCM 7 from reaching your little one’s body. This tiny chain difference allows for easier digestion and fewer tummy problems.

Put in very simple terms - BCM 7 is an opioid peptide, a small receptor. Unfortunately, this little piece of the beta-casein protein does not digest after being absorbed into the body. In contrast, A2 milk’s proline amino acid in the chain prevents BCM 7 from being absorbed into our body, easing digestion and tummy issues.

A1 cows do not make proline, so BCM 7 is left to wreak havoc with digestive health until it dissolves in the blood.

Less Lactose

While both goat milk formula and cow milk formula contain lactose, goat’s milk does contain less. As we previously mentioned A1 cow’s milk is oftentimes the culprit when people have gas, bloating, or other digestive issues.

If your baby is lactose intolerant or is otherwise having a bad reaction to lactose-laden formulas, give goat milk formula a try and see how they react.

Natural Immune Boosting Qualities

Goat milk formula naturally contains selenium! This is a great mineral to help support the immune system through influencing the immune system’s response by increasing T-cells (a type of white blood cell).

This reaction helps your baby by providing extra protection from illnesses, a major positive in our books.

Superior Nutrition

Goat milk baby formula is known worldwide for containing all essential nutrients babies need for hitting all their growth and developmental milestones.

Naturally, a complete source of riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamin B-12, protein, potassium, and 35% of calcium requirements are found in just one bottle of goat milk formula.

Goats are known as bio-organic sodium animals, which are associated with vitality, flexibility, and vigor. All these things contribute to your baby’s strength development and contribute to joint health your little one needs for growth spurts.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental benefits of goat milk include keeping wildlife corridors open, preventing the spread of noxious weeds, and promoting the growth of local vegetative by having a smaller impact on the land by being browsers, not grazers. Goats eat only the top of the long grass.

When it comes to water and air pollution, goats produce less enteric methane and are also more water-efficient than cattle.

Goat Milk Baby Formula

With these qualities, goat milk baby formula is beneficial to families looking to soothe digestive worries as well as those looking for the very best in nutritional benefits.

With this basic knowledge, we now continue our search for top European baby formulas in the goat milk industry.

Kendamil has been in business for 50 plus years in the infant nutrition field. This family-owned business has made a commitment to developing not only a premium baby formula for today but also natural, traceable, and sustainable practices to protect tomorrow.

Kendamil ensures only premium standards in goat farming, welfare, and milk quality by working hand-in-hand with 220 local farms.

Kendamil goat farms have achieved Red Tractor Assurance which means that your little one's goat milk formula is traceable, safe to eat, and has been produced ecologically and with community responsibility at the forefront.

Kendamil Goat Milk Formula

Kendamil goat milk baby formula includes several unique elements that set itself apart from other goat milk-based formulas, the most distinct of which are ingredients that earn Kendamil approval in the vegetarian community.


Kendamil is the only European goat milk based formula that is vegetarian-friendly. Kendamil uniquely sources their Omega-3 DHA from plant-based pure marine algae; there is no fish oil used.

Using plant-based DHA not only creates a much better tasting formula, but also avoids potential family allergen to seafood and aligns with Kendamil’s continued commitment to sustainability efforts.

Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs)

When introduced, Kendamil goat milk formula contained naturally derived Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) 3’-GL, 4’-GL, and 6’-GL. These special strains gave Kendamil goat the closest makeup to breastmilk in the market.

HMOs are sugar molecules that play a special role in promoting good bacteria in the gut, reducing the risks of infection and allergy, and supporting overall cognitive ability and growth.

Full Cream Milk

Kendamil goat milks are made up of a whole milk formulation with full-fat milk. Using whole milk provides a natural mammal fat source, is by far the best formulation for your baby's needs, and it also reduces the number of vegetable oils needed to reach the correct fat content.

Additionally, using whole milk means we naturally provide Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM), which is found in breastmilk and is heavily linked to cognitive development.

Palm Oil Free

Kendamil products are proud to say that they do not contain palm oil. Aside from the environmental benefits of avoiding palm oil, it’s also good news for your little ones that have sensitive digestive systems.

#1 Goat's Milk Formula with HMO's

Kendamil Goat Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

A2 Whole Goat Milk, No Palm Oil, No Fish Oil, Vegetarian Friendly, HMO's

Jovie was developed by a team of baby formula experts that have a very long history in the European goat milk infant formula industry.

Jovie baby formula teams’ first goal was to develop what they call "the next level goat" and the way Jovie delivers this is by manufacturing clean, organic, and full cream formula that is 100% organic.

Jovie goat milk formula is certified organic according to EU organic standards which ensure not only superior nutrition but also just as importantly promotes animal welfare and reduces water pollution.

Jovie’s use of local resources for animal feed enriches local farm soil, supports biodiversity, and aims to reduce the carbon footprint in all areas of production.

Jovie Goat Milk Formula

Jovie goat milk baby formula has made a splash on the European goat milk industry by offering organic ingredients that are as sustainable as they are nutritious.

Organic Goat Milk

Jovie goat milk baby formula has done what no other goat milk formula on the market has done - made EU certified goat milk the star.

Jovie goat milk formulas include as much goat milk fat as possible because of the inherent benefits of the whole goat milk. This is an important distinction over other formulas that include de-fatted or skimmed milk ingredients that have the milk fats removed.

A major advantage of full-fat goat’s milk in baby formula is the fact that it has a high percentage of palmitic acid that closely mimics human breast milk.

This is important because this fatty acid promotes your baby’s health in a number of ways. Jovie full-fat goat milk improves fat and calcium absorption, bone health, intestinal flora, digestive comfort, and softer stools.

No Palm Oil - No Coconut Oil

Another benefit of choosing full-fat goat’s milk is the ability to leave out controversial ingredients such as palm oil and coconut oil that other European goat milk formulas use to add the necessary levels needed for brain development. This is because of the higher levels of the brain developing fatty acids found in Jovie goat milk formulas.


Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are dietary fibers that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in developing digestive systems. GOS has been closely linked to improved bowel function and stool consistency.

Bowel function and stool consistency positively influence the absorbability of nutrition and aids in the development of your baby’s immune system.

#1 Organic Goat's Milk Formula

Jovie Goat Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

A2 Whole Organic Goat Milk, No Palm Oil, No Coconut Oil, GOS (probiotics), English Label

Jovie Vs Kendamil Goat

European Baby Formula

Following EU regulations, both Kendamil goat milk formula and Jovie goat milk formula must follow stringent rules to ensure the safety and nutritional composition.

The makers of European baby formula follow farming methods that are holistic and eco-friendly. From soil to table, European farming practices take into account animal health and husbandry, ecological impact, as well as economic and long-term social aspects of farming.

The European Union requires the following conditions must be met when producing and manufacturing infant nutrition.

No GMOs, non-lactose sugars, or fillers

No hormones or steroids used on animals or added

No preservatives, chemicals, or synthetics are added at any point in the process

🗸 Antibiotics are only used to keep animals healthy

🗸 Multiple quality checks from soil to production

Kendamil Goat Formula vs Jovie Goat Formula

Kendamil goat formula and Jovie goat formula each offer nutrition that is free from harmful ingredients, preservatives, and additives, without many of the digestive problems associated with cow’s milk-based formulas.

Kendamil goat milk baby formula stands out as the only vegetarian goat milk option on the market. This long-established company offers nutrition that contains HMOs, full cream, and no palm oils.

Jovie goat milk is pure 100% organic full fat nutrition with both prebiotics and probiotics and without palm oil or coconut oil.

Each of these European infant formulas produce goat milk nutrition with standards that outclass all American over-the-counter formulas.

Goat Milk Formula

Kendamil and Jovie continue to set the bar in the European baby formula industry and exceed American standards.

Each of these top brands has produced pure, eco-friendly, and nutritionally complete formulas that families can feel confident in choosing for their little ones.

My Organic Company knows that your family only wants the very best for your baby. We are proud to offer pure, clean nutrition so your little one will not just grow and develop but will thrive.

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